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Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Day
0% Carb, 0% Protein, 100% Fat
% Daily Values*
Total Carbohydrate0g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Total Fat0g
Saturated Fat0g
Monounsaturated Fat0g
Polyunsaturated Fat0g
Omega-3 Fatty Acids0g
Omega-6 Fatty Acids0g
* Percent Daily Values are based on "U.S. government DRI, male 19-50, 2000 calories (fixed fiber, potassium, and ω-6 & ω-3 PUFA requirements)". You may use the Nutrient Calculator to personalise your own profile, then select it from the list on the Recipe Editor tab.
Nutrient Profile: U.S. government DRI, male 19-50, 2000 calories (fixed fiber, potassium, and ω-6 & ω-3 PUFA requirements)Change

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