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Counseling is a type of treatment for not the actual and visible deceases. It is undertaken for slightly misleading, misguided, track striven, and mentally distorted people to bring them at the track. Due to world-changing economic conditions, everyone feels anxiety and wants to escape from this disgusting and teasing circumstance. The need for a cure is always on demand in the form of counseling. Individuals and collections of community sometimes need counseling on a large scale. Soon the world is traveling towards its ending; elements of restless are increasing day by day. Sometimes we see the addiction of power and sometimes a want of wealth. Human has a contact pandemic disease to discover discoveries, yes I can say it an epidemic. Man seeks relaxation and wants to run away to maintain his mental position. He hires the serves of any man of parts who works to bring the man out from these unseen situations. Specialized people are counseling to realize that they can achieve their dignity, place, and can come out of disorder.

Online Counselling

Counselling has different modes and methods.

 Face to face counseling  In-person counseling  Class counseling  Conference counseling  Meeting of individuals  Online counseling

Online Counselling

Currently, people have no time to go for in-person counseling. They want to seek an online mode of advice. The Internet has made their lives easy. Every solution is there on the internet platform. Usually, online counseling is done by highly qualified experts. They have expertise in their job. Their experience makes them perfect for executing their task ineffective time management. Online counseling can be obtained through mainstream media, social media, Masque, church, or from the schools and universities. The continuous efforts made by the government to launch the programs for the public are very operative in this case. Programs are telecast for every type of person. We can see the public service messages from the government. Non-Governmental Organizations are seemed to be very active in this regard. Undoubtedly, the different types of people having various issues need a separate kind of counseling, but when dealing with joint disorders, online advice is competent the most.

The disadvantage of Online Counselling

Different patients have some negative views about online counseling. People with severe mental and body disorders cannot get the maximum benefits of online advice. They are recommended to visit the counselor to their offices. No dose is availed online counseling, but we see that an online counselor can handle the seriousness of the patients. He may influence the patient to get the medicine from any medical store located in his surroundings.

There are many issues for which people seek guides and counseling from professionals. Problems are not very massive. They may be a little issue too. Usually, people seek advice about the following points.

1- Relationship and family counseling

Most of the issues are family-related, which is solved by the counseling centers or offices. Usually, members of the family living together may show the unpleasant thing taking place. Especially now a day parents want to seek counseling for their children. They have to set their children’s educational careers and their abrupt behaviors. The husband and wife wish to settle each other. They may get counseling to remain more close to each other, or they may need the advice to get rid of each other. Online counseling g better for this kind of counseling

2- Career counseling The most crucial concern of every person living in this world to settle himself/ herself well. Bright future is the dream of everyone. With the growing economic diversities, man is in a fix that field of work is right for his career and future. –personal strengths and interests sometimes lead one to any right direction of which may spoil his energies and handwork. A variety of jobs are confusing nowadays. The selection process is a pain. So quick free online counseling can bring forth.

3- Depression counseling

Depression has emerged in many ways. It may be a result of study failure, a business failure, job loss, or domestic clash. Hard work and non-stop thinking about something causes depression. So free online counseling is always the right solution for this state.


Free online counseling is the equalling worth of in-person counseling. As in-person counseling May in limited but online free advice are boundless opportunities, for everyone, everywhere.

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