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The leptin levels can be altered by several factors, among others, the proportion of fat in the body. However, if what we want is to avoid weight gain, control or maintain our weight, we must know that there are factors that alter the synthesis of leptin and the body's response to its signals. The nutritional habits are very important to maintain stable all analytical values Mustra the health of our body, it is noteworthy that diets are very restrictive, significantly reduced leptin levels. Therefore, we must know that it is not advisable to reduce food intake as much as possible, as leptin levels will decrease, increasing hunger, reducing satiety and the activity of our metabolism. In addition we make fast diets and lose weight drastically as a consequence, the fat mass will be drastically reduced and the body will not have been able to get used to the change and alerts will be reduced reducing leptin levels , thus affecting our appetite and daily caloric expenditure will be reduced Also, as a consequence, we will gain weight.

On the contrary, physical exercise , although it can produce a decrease in fat in the body, it has been shown that with physical exercise leptin sensitivity increases ; therefore, physically active people have a greater feeling of satiety, have a higher caloric expenditure and better control the necessary calorie intake. Instead, stress lowers leptin levels , causing more hunger and lowering energy expenditure.

Therefore, if we want to activate our body, we must act by carrying out a healthy diet with a balanced diet , practicing physical exercise in a moderate way, and we must also get rid of stress, which is so damaging to our state of health. Leptoconnect Review

Is leptin the solution against being overweight?

Obesity is a disorder in which both genetic and environmental factors intervene, that is, the one that has extra kilos is because he eats more than he spends (which does not mean that he eats a lot in all cases, it may be that his body spend little) therefore obesity or overweight can not be solved with pills or natural remedies. Obesity is a pathology from which we have to determine its causes, which can be many and try to solve it with a diet that suits us and our particularities combined with physical exercise. With all these data, it is not strange to think that the "cure" of obesity lay in treating people who are overweight or obese with leptin, but as we have previously mentioned, the levels of this hormone in obese people are normal or even exceed those normal.

It has been proven that those who suffer from obesity develop resistance to the signal of this hormone: that is, despite the fact that high levels of leptin are detected in the blood, the body does not respond to the signal as we mentioned previously, these are problems of signal detection or body response problems. For what it seems to be, it is not as easy as we think to solve the problems of obesity.

There are people who have clearly lost weight with a leptin supplement, without altering their nutritional habits and there are other people who have not noticed a difference, therefore, there is no conclusive evidence that leptin causes weight loss, but it is true that certain patients have noticed a greater feeling of satiety. However, the safety of consumption of this substance has not yet been clearly determined, and there are many issues that it has not yet been demonstrated and we should wait for them to be resolved before generalizing its use.


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Polyunsaturated Fat0g
Omega-3 Fatty Acids0g
Omega-6 Fatty Acids0g
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