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Fuze Bug The bug zapper is a device that captures and kills bugs in the area around the user to stop them from biting. Engineers designed the device to be simple to use. There are no chemicals that could cause any pain or irritation.

What is Fuze Bug, exactly?

No one likes summer vacations or summer barbecues as much as they do the hassle and frustration caused by summer bugs. The enjoyment of summer can be dampened by bugs and mosquitoes. This is why bug repellants as well as citronella candles, are as popular during warm weather than grilled outdoor meals or patio chairs.

These staples may not be as effective as many people would like. Even for children, some skin can become irritated from contact with these chemicals. Citronella candles are effective in repelling some insects, but they don't offer the same protection as outdoor activities. The Fuze Bug provides a unique and effective way to solve these problems without using any chemicals.

Over 32,000 people have enjoyed more pleasant outdoor experiences with the Fuze Bug mosquito zapper lamp. The lamp does not require sprays or oils, but it protects surrounding areas. The UV-free light attracts insects, so users don't need to worry about UV exposure for their pets or children.

Fuze Bug Review is activated once charged. It provides protection for 20 hours. Consumers can take Fuze Bug on camping trips as it has a coverage area of up to 325 square feet. The device can be used on its own or placed on a table to provide protection against the biting insects. The light is naturally attracted by insects. However, the bug can be instantly zapped with 1000 volts.

You can easily remove the insects from the tray by using the cleaning brush. It is possible to immediately replace the tray after it has been removed to keep the bugs away from the environment. The user won't have any more mosquitoes to worry about because they won't be in the air.

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How does the Fuze Bug work?

Fuze Bug's technology makes it easy to eradicate insects in any area. You can hang it up or leave it alone for continuous support.

The device does not require any maintenance. First, charge the Fuze Bug Light. The green indicator light will let you know when it is charged. To activate the device the user will need to switch it on. Once the switch is turned on, the LED light will turn on.

The purple light attracts the insects to the device and they will eventually be zapped. Children and pets are not allowed to touch the mechanism, despite the danger it poses for the insects. The grid is double-layered so that the device is protected. It allows an insect to move through the grid, but not enough to allow a small finger or thumb to touch it.

After just two hours, the Fuze Bug will be rid of all mosquitos and other insects. The Fuze Bug can also serve as a lantern, lighting dark areas at night.

Fuze Bug:

Fuze Bug lights can be purchased at 50% off the usual price, even though supplies are limited. You don't need a coupon to get this reward. However, each package on the official site offers a bigger discount than the previous.

These packages are available:

• A Fuze Bug light at $39.99 • Two Fuze Bug lights starting at $75.99 • Three Fuze Bug lights at $107.98 • Four Fuze Bug Lights for $135.97 • Five Fuze Bug lights at $159.96

These shipments will be sent out within 7 days from the date of purchase. Fuze Bug is a product that kills insects. The user can return the full amount within 30 days. Fuze Bug Frequently Asked Question

What exactly is the Fuze Bug, and how can it be used to your advantage?

Fuze Bug is a light which zaps any bugs that enter it. It also functions as a lantern and camping lamp. It is very lightweight and is waterproof for all weather. It can be safely stored in both indoor and outdoor spaces, covering approximately 16 square feet (approximately 250 sq. ft).

Is the Fuze Bug light really effective for the insects?

Yes. This purple LED light will attract insects to the area before they can be neutralized with an electric coil. There are no chemicals.

How should the Fuze Bug light be set up?

The performance promised will be available without the user having to do anything. To get the performance promised, users will only have to plug in the device.

Is the Fuze Bug a portable flashlight?

Yes. The built-in battery can be placed wherever the user is able to reach it once it has fully charged. While it's charging, the rechargeable battery does not need to be connected directly to a power source. The included micro-USB charging charger can be used to charge the battery. The device can be used continuously for up to 20 hours with a maximum power of 20 hours. Users don't have the need to charge it more than two times per day.

How should the Fuze Bug been cleaned?

The zapped insects will fall to the small chamber at the bottom of your unit. The bottom can be emptied by users to clean it.

How long does it take for the Fuze Bug to arrive?

Most orders ship within 48 hours of purchase. It can take approximately 7 business days for delivery, but the company will send you a tracking number. Are there any chemicals and smells that consumers need to be aware of? Absolutely not. The device emits no odor, and is completely chemical-free. Contact the customer service department by emailing support@fuzebug.com. Or calling 866-466-2300.


Fuze Bug light allows users to enjoy the summer without worrying too much about what bugs might be attracted. The device does not use chemicals and relies only on the natural attraction that insects have to light. They are then trapped at its bottom. There is no need to clean or maintain the device (apart from emptying them when they become full). It is far more affordable than the cost of bug sprays and candles.

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