Bosch GLL40-20G Laser Level Review

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Bosch GLL40-20G Laser Level Review

If you are looking for a cross-line green laser level that can work in bright light conditions and it must be efficient enough to handle any project, then Bosch GLL40-20G is our recommendation. Let’s have a look at some of the features and what it has to offer to a user to simplify a job.

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➤Weight: 8 ounces

➤Leveling-Type: Automatic

➤Laser Class: II

➤Accuracy: +-5/6”

➤Batteries: 2AA

➤Working Range: 40FT

Features of Bosch GLL40-20G Laser Level:

Visimax Technology:

Bosch GLL40-20G laser level has come up with visimax technology that is responsible for delivering the maximum brightness and also saving energy. This device has the potential to generate a green beam that is 2x times brighter and suitable for indoor ceiling projects. Visimax technology can make your work reliable, and you don’t have to invest in other accessories to witness the beam.

Smart Pendulum System:

This efficient laser level system has come up with a smart pendulum system that self-levels the device in the range of +-4 degrees, and it also locks all the internal components of the device to prevent damage at the time of transporting the device. A smart pendulum system also helps in enhancing the performance of a device.

Working Range and Accuracy:

The working range of the Bosch GLL40-20G laser level is about 40ft, and it can also provide the accuracy of +-5/6” at the distance of 30ft. It offers reliable accuracy, and the working range is suitable when you want to work on any indoor project. This device is suitable for all beginners who are willing to buy something durable that can help them in simplifying projects, and it can provide accurate results.

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The versatility in laser level is of great importance, especially when you are working for the first time, and you need something easy to go. This device is quite smart and versatile in nature, and it can work on a wide variety of applications without conditions. You can operate the device, and accuracy will be on point. This device is capable of working in tough conditions and on any surface.


Bosch always focuses on the portability of the device, and this laser level is compact and handy, so you can keep it in the bag while moving to some other project. There is no need to buy a separate bag, or you don’t have to worry about the weight because it’s lightweight, and anyone can handle it without issues.

Other Features:

Bosch GLL40-20G laser level has come up with an integrated switch that locks the pendulum automatically, thread compatibility, and strong beam to make your project look professional and perfect from every angle. The visibility of beams is satisfactory for every user, and you will be satisfied with the performance.

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Bosch GLL40-20G laser level is compatible and smart in performance so when you are planning to attempt a beginner’s level project and need top-notch quality then choose this model and you won’t be disappointed. From the alignment applications to installation, this device can assist you in all the projects.

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Polyunsaturated Fat0g
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Omega-6 Fatty Acids0g
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