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by ahleih
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AmountVolumeIngredientR$ / daySource
162.4gcupsOat FlourR$1.04Casas Pedro
162.4gcupsRice FlourR$1.12Casas Pedro
87.2gIsolated Soy ProteinR$3.05Casas Pedro
11.1g1tbspPsyllium Husk PowderR$1.33Herborista
0.4gtspGuar GumR$0.02Casas Pedro
15.8gCoconut OilR$1.42Herborista
7.3gFlaxseed OilR$0.46Casas Pedro
2pillMax Titanium Multimax ComplexR$1.27Macedonia - Rua Riachuelo, Centro
1pillPro-Cálcio 600+D3R$0.58Pharmacy
1pillCustom VitaminR$0.40Farmacia de Manipulação
1.5g½tspIodized SaltR$0.00
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Total Daily Cost:
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#BRAZIL VERSION# of my Sharpie Formula Um, which is, itself, an edit of Schmoylent Vanilla.

This recipe was redesigned and sourced near Copacabana, Zona Sul, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, Earth.

Prices for this recipe are in Reais.

This edit is based on my personal macro setup, which is 1800 daily calories in a 55/25/20 split. The nutrition profile is named the same as the recipe. I've stuck to the USDA RDI for vitamins/minerals/micronutrients. As I am a full-time traveler, I intend to have various Sharpie Formula Uns, starting with one done right here in minha cidade maravilhosa.

Sorry, this is in English. Em caso de duvida, entre encontato comigo.


1.1 Slight tweak to percentages. Day 1 of eating soylent, and, while we're all happy as clams, we're also exhausted. I read about slow carbs vs fast carbs, and I think the fact that I had rice flour at a much higher volume than oat flour wasn't helping. Did some maneuvering and now the rice to oat flour ratio is 1:1, as it is in Schmoylent. I'll report my finding as they come.

1.0 Finally done, finally gone public. For 1.0, the vitamin profile is incomplete, as my jeitinho has failed. I managed to get a custom vitamin at a farmácia de manipulação, but the farmácia decided that they knew better than my prescription, and changed several values, putting me at less than 100%. I'm going to fine another farmácia and, since the cost is so low, I am toying with the idea of replacing the Multimax Complex multivitamin with a fully custom-made version at a farmácia de manipulação.


  1. Substitution of various ingredients for locally-available ones, and, thus, altering of the formula to reflect the changed ingredients. Among these are replacing the Vanilla Rice Protein (which I found for R$250 per kilo) for cheap by-the-kilo Isolated Soy Protein. The vitamin profiles are different also based on availability, and I used guar gum instead of xanthum, principally because the guy at the store thought they were the same thing.
  2. Reduction in salt. This was done for my own preference, as I'm not a huge fan of salt and the original Schmoylent Vanilla seemed to have a lot. With the iodine being supplied by the multivitamin, I couldn't find a compelling reason to leave the salt content so high.
  3. Inclusion of where to buy our Brazil ingredients, and how much they cost, to replace the depressingly cheap Amazon affiliate links. In the notes, you can read more about my adventures in trying to procure ingredients, and how I couldn't make a Brazilian soylent without walking the entirety of Zona Sul, twice and asking a ton of ridiculous seeming questions to a veritable horde of store employees who don't understand why I needed what I was requesting, and why it had to be just so.
    1. Removal of stevia. This is a personal decision, as was the salt above. I'm fine with the way it tastes as is: if I want to change it, I'll add some vanilla or something, or even sugar.


Ordered by where I bought them, to save you (and future me) time.

Casas Pedro

  • Oat Flour / Farinha de Aveia
  • Rice Flour / Farinha de Arroz
  • Isolated Soy Protein / Proteina de Soja Isola
  • Flaxseed Oil / Óleo de Linhaça
  • Guar Gum / Goma de Guar


  • Psyllium Husk Powder / Casca de Psillio em Pó
  • Coconut Oil / Óleo de coco

Macedonia Vitaminas

  • Max Titanium Multimax Complex

Generic Pharmacy

  • Pro-Cálcio 600+D3

Farmácia de Manipulação

  • Custom Vitamin

Zona Sul or other Grocery Store

  • Iodized Salt / Sal Iodado


I really liked that Kennufs includes a list of the tools he used, so I figured I'd do the same. In the spirit of My Never-ending Shopping Trips, I've included where I bought my stuff for, and how much I spent; for the sake of brevity, I've excluded how many other shops I visited looking for the item, as well as how much my total bus far was per purchase.

  • Blender

We already had this. I don't know where my mum bought it, but there it is. It's called "Liquidificador Clic Lav" and it's not very strong, but for mixing powders with liquids, it suffices. I saw a similar blender online for R$145; it seems both Casas Bahia and Extra carry it, at least online; I even saw a newer model on sale for about R$100 in Lojas Americanas.

  • Scale

This is what made me almost give up, twice. Don't bother looking at cooking scales (balança de cozinha) because every one you'll find only measures in single gram increments. I almost changed the recipe so everything would be in whole gram increments, until I realized that with a scale that only measures in whole grams, I could have a half gram and not even know it. Don't waste your time with analog scales. I found the scale I use on MercadoLivre for about R$30 by searching for balança "0.1g" 1kg. I would have preferred a scale that goes from .1g to 5kg+, but the smaller amounts were more important to me than the larger. YMMV. Protip: I've been told this scale is called a drug scale. Whee.

  • Whisk

I wanted a whisk because it was something I had overseas and I knew it would make mixing all that powder much easier. Had I known what an impossible task it would be to find a whisk in Brazil, I would have bought one overseas and brought it with me. What is called a "batedor de claras" is NOT a whisk. We have "egg beaters" in English. If I wanted an egg beater, I'd buy an egg beater. This was the first time I experienced expat frustration. I ended up finding and buying one on MercadoLivre for about R$4, though shipping brought it to R$12 total. It was obviously made by someone in their home, and it is prone to falling apart.

  • Big container for mixing/storing the powders
  • Small container for storing oils for daily use
  • Pitcher for daily distribution

I recently discovered a cheap-o plastic shop called Kasa Nova on Nossa Senhora near Figueiredo Magalhães. It sells all kinds of housewares and kitchen stuff for practically nothing. Everything is ridiculously cheap: iced tea pitchers for R$2,20, towels for R$1, etc. They also have nice looking sealable bottles for R$8, which is still significantly cheaper than anything I saw in Lojas Americanas or Multicoisas. (Multicoisas had a really nice bottle that I really liked until I saw it was R$75, and I need three of them.) Keep in mind, Kasa Nova only takes cash.


These aren't organized in any particular way. Sorry, GitHub-Flavored Markdown doesn't allow for footnotes (if it does, please advise and I'll clean up this mess).

I love my bus card: it gives me a free ride within a thirty-minute window of having already taken the bus. With bus fares having recently been raised from R$3 to R$3.40, every last real helps, especially considering how many times I've gone back and forth through Zona Sul hunting some elusive powder or plastic contraption.

Casas Pedro sells items in bulk, with little (read: no) nutritional information available. Don't bother asking for the nutritional information. It never existed, it doesn't exist, it never will exist. What data I have I've pulled from generic sources and other recipes. My data on Isolated Soy Protein/Proteina de Soja Isola I've taken from made1988's recipe; they also say they've purchased their Soy/Soja from Casas Pedro, and I assume they know something I do not (I don't know that I actually believe this). While normally I'd like more information, the exorbitant price of protein in Brasil limits my choices between getting something claiming to be soy protein and something that I have to sell my stuff on MercadoLivre just to pay for.

The shop I used is just called "Herborista," and it's on Barato Ribeiro in Copacabana. They sell powders in bulk, including Oat Flour/Farinha de Aveia and Rice Flour/Farinha de Arroz. The Psyllium Husk Powder I got was available in both a fine powder (which I bought) and a slightly-less-fine "psyllium fibers" option. They also sell Stevia, but it's the dried leaves, if you're daring (I am not).

Unless you're a native to places as hot as Rio in the summer, you've probably never seen what coconut oil looks like on an average summer day here in Copacabana. That white pasty goo you're used to up wherever you're from is nowhere to be found: instead, coconut oil is a thin clear liquid. Don't be a moron like me and put it in the fridge overnight. You're just going to waste twenty minutes re-warming it.

There are a half dozen or so Macedonia Vitaminas in Zona Sul, and none of them carry the Max Titanium brand of vitamins I decided to use. By calling the manufacturer I was able to find that the Macedonia on Rua Riachuelo in Centro carries Max Titanium and has the vitamins. I also found these vitamins online at Lojas Americanas, but they're only available for purchase online. The price is the same.

Farmácias de Manipulação are a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, in their grubby little hands they have the tools to make perfect vitamins that supplement exactly what we needed, in the exact quantity, for practically nothing. A 60-day supply of vitamins for R$24 is offensive, it's so cheap. But there's always a problem, I've learned. They require a prescription, even if it's just for vitamins, which, whatever. It's fine. However, they will decide on their own to honor whatever numbers they decide. For example, my prescription stated 5.5g of Potassium Chloride. The pharmacy decided that 2,8mg of Potassium and 77mg of Potassium Chloride would be sufficient. They also decided that 253mg of Choline was undesirable, so they gave us 80mg, and that we'd be served much better by .77g of Sulfur, even though the prescription was for 1.3g . As with many things, the ways of the Farmácia de Manipulação are inscrutable to mere mortals.


This has been an exhausting process, but it was a happily-completed labor of love. I loved working with the recipe, I loved actually finding the ingredients I needed (not finding them was less enjoyable), I loved trying to figure out how to make it all come together, I loved everything. I'm really happy I embarked on this endeavor, and I couldn't have done it without the enthusiastic-if-confused support of my lovely family. Te amo, gente. Obrigada por tudo.

This recipe is named after my cat, who is the Cutest Thing in the World. Sorry, other cats. Title's taken.

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Day
55% Carb, 25% Protein, 20% Fat
% Daily Values*
Total Carbohydrate248g
Dietary Fiber 25g
Total Fat40g
Saturated Fat18g
Monounsaturated Fat8g
Polyunsaturated Fat11g
Omega-3 Fatty Acids4g
Omega-6 Fatty Acids7g
* Percent Daily Values are based on "Sharpie Formula Um Macros". You may use the Nutrient Calculator to personalise your own profile, then select it from the list on the Recipe Editor tab.
Nutrient Profile: Sharpie Formula Um MacrosChange

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