Jason's Buckwheat Blast for Runners v6

by jstr
Last updated February 12, 2014 Copy
AmountIngredient$ / daySource
282gBob's Red Mill Buckwheat flour$1.58Drug Emporium
58gBob's Red Mill Dark Rye Flour$0.27Drug Emporium
79gNow Whey Protein Isolate$2.09Amazon
36gNow Foods, Soy Protein Isolate$0.75Drug Emporium
36gBakers & Chefs Light Brown Sugar$0.05Sam's Club
36gNow Carbo Gain (Maltodextrin)$0.22iHerb.com
15gHershey's Cocoa Powder$0.16Sam's Club
3gWhole Foods Lecithin Granules$0.08Whole Foods
8gBob's Red Mill Chia Seeds$0.18Drug Emporium
5gMorton Iodized Table Salt$0.01Harp's
3gNow Potassium Gluconate Powder$0.09Amazon
2gJarrow Formulas MSM Sulfur$0.07Amazon
45gDaily Chef Extra Virgin Olive Oil$0.27Sam's Club
2pillSundown Naturals Fish Oil 1200 mg$0.20Fred's
0pillGNC Calcium Citrate 1000$0.00GNC
1pillGNC Vitamin K 100$0.04GNC
1pillNature Made Biotin 2500 mcg$0.07Kroger
0.5pillTwinlab Daily One Caps Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement Capsules without Iron (put contents of one pill into two day supply)$0.07Amazon
0.5pillWalgreens A thru Z Multivitamin (take half a day)$0.02Walgreen's
1.5gNow Calcium Carbonate Powder$0.03Amazon.com
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Important Note: Soak a days worth of buckwheat and rye in water and lemon juice. The amount of water should be about equal to the combined weight of the buckwheat and rye times two. The amount of lemon juice should be about three tablespoons. Let it soak overnight to deactivate phytic acid (an anti-nutrient) and to help make digestion easier. You may have a lot of stomach problems if you don't do this. I know I did when I attempted to not soak.

For the TwinLab multivitamin you need to open the capsule up and pour the powder inside into a two day supply of the dry mix - or two capsules into a four day supply. The Walgreen's A Thru Z one you can just easily break it in half and take it like that - half a day.

This is all made from items I purchased around Little Rock, AR except for a few things that I couldn't find anywhere and had to resort to Amazon and iHerb.

Manganese Note: Manganese toxicity resulting from foods alone has not been reported in humans, even though certain vegetarian diets could provide up to 20 mg/day of manganese. (http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/infocenter/minerals/manganese/) (also: http://www.veganhealth.org/articles/manganese) "As of August 2011, no reported cases of manganese toxicity from dietary sources existed. This means you could probably consume large amounts of manganese through food and not experience any unpleasant side effects. However, getting more than the tolerable upper intake of manganese through supplements does increase your likelihood of experiencing adverse, and potentially serious, side effects. Never exceed this amount through supplementation unless you are under the supervision of a doctor." (from: http://www.livestrong.com/article/520170-taking-too-much-manganese/)

Niacin Note: The UL for the form of Niacin in the multivitamin is Nicotinamide is about 3 grams. See this quote: "Nicotinamide is a water-soluble vitamin and is part of the vitamin B group. Nicotinic acid, also known as niacin, is converted to nicotinamide in vivo, and, though the two are identical in their vitamin functions, nicotinamide does not have the same pharmacological and toxic effects of niacin, which occur incidental to niacin's conversion. Thus nicotinamide does not reduce cholesterol or cause flushing, although nicotinamide may be toxic to the liver at doses exceeding 3 g/day for adults." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicotinamide) [I've had no problems with this amount of Niacin.]

Chloride Note: Table salt should have 40% sodium and 60% chloride. So I deduced the chloride value from the sodium value since it was not listed on the container.


8/27/2013: By the end of the week I'm going to make a batch of this. Right now I'm still using v1.1 since I have a few days’ supply left of that. This is day three with nothing but my v1.1 mix and it seems to be going very well.

8/29/2013: I'm still going on nothing but soylent. I got some biotin and omega-3 supplements to check those off the list. I finished up the first batch and started on this new stuff. I prepared it differently though. This time I took some advice from the soylent section of reddit: “Take Oat Flour, Flax, Lecithin and Brown Sugar and add boiling water to it and let soak for 10-15 minutes.” (Reduces phytic acid and aids in slowing the absorption of the sugars according to one source (http://www.reddit.com/r/soylent/comments/1l8mi4/for_those_with_oat_powder_in_their_diy_mix/)) I have been concerned about the phytic acid issue that is in the oat flour. The phytic acid makes it so that you don't get a percentage of the vitamins, minerals, and things out of the food. So that sucks. All this planning to get the right amounts of everything and the oat flour just throws it all out the window. There is reason to conclude that boiling doesn't remove the problem either. I thought I would give it a try though. But since I added boiling water to the mix and then mixed in the rest of the ingredients the result was a lot more stuff that was close to the consistency of really thick mud or play-dough or something. It's a bit of a mess. The amount of water was about the same weight as the total of the dry powder. I have seven days of this stuff but after it's gone I'm going to drop the stupid oat flour and just use all dry powder mix for my soylent.

8/29/2013 (#2): Removed the oat flour.

8/30/2013: Had the glorious discovery that adding of little cinnamon. Wow. That really helps the flavor. (This was speaking of the version with the oats in it.)

8/31/2013: This got me through a 26 mile run in the hills of Arkansas where the temperature got well into the high 90s.

9/1/2013: Made it to day 7 on nothing but soylent. I've felt so great this week. This was a great idea. 9/1/2013 (#2): I've adjusted the amount of brown sugar because I think I need more carbs. I just discovered that my weight has dropped and I don't need that. I'll need a vitamin k supplement now since I had to reduce the olive oil quite a bit.

9/2/2013: Made a batch of this last night. The amount of sugar (343g/day) really made it sweet. Too much. The previous batch was not this sweet at all. I adjusted the sugar up since I lost weight and I want to avoid that. I've had hypoglycemia in years past and I'm afraid this is going to bring it back. I used a product called Generation UCan in the past for my long runs. It's some sort of super long chain carbohydrate. I think I need something like that for my mix instead of all this sugar. I'll see how today goes with this stuff and see about changes.

9/2/2013 (#2): Added a small amount of potato flakes. Maybe that will help add some carbs that are not just sugar. I've always liked things that include potatoes.

9/2/2013 (#3): Need to find a way to get more carbs without it being so much sugar and without eating uncooked flour since that causes digestive issues.

9/3/2013: Got some Karbolyn for version 2.3. I'm hoping this will help stabilize things and help me reduce the sugar some.

9/4/2013: v2.3 was awful. I ordered some maltodextrin online and am waiting for it to arrive to make my next batch.

9/5/2013: Just made a batch of v2.4. This has buckwheat and rye. It's really good. The last batch had a bit too much iron and I think it made me a little sick. I found a multi with no iron in it for this one. I don't want to have that problem again.

9/7/2013: Tried soaking the rye and buckwheat the last two days. I really wonder if that has much of an impact. It would be really nice to just drop that and just mix the dry flour into the water and shake it up. Soaking means that it is going to be very clumpy if you don't use the blender each time to mix the dry stuff with the oil and the soaked buckwheat/rye mooshy stuff. But the taste is really much improved. Yummy.

9/9/2013: During the weekend I ran a 22 mile long run with well over 2,000 ft of total climb. The soylent helped a lot. I could tell. I'm trying not soaking and not using a blender today. My blender makes this into a weird whipped texture. When I don't soak and just mix it all up and drink it in my blender-bottle it tastes really great.

9/15/2013: I ate this for nearly all of my meals last week and it helped tremendously during a 50k ultramarathon that I did yesterday in Tennessee. Also, I started back soaking the buckwheat and rye. I think this is very important since I started getting bad digestive issues. The soaking is just a necessary thing for this and it's really not that big of a problem. I read somewhere on the internet that just two hours is enough. I tried that this morning and I haven't had problems yet. So, that's good to know in case I forget to soak it over night and have to start soaking in the morning - like today. I'll probably start using whey protein more since I've been reading that whey is much better in helping strengthen muscles.

9/21/2013: Worked on the Omega-3 and Omega-6 ratio to try to get a 3:1 ratio. Also, I found that the Olive Oil didn't have any values listed for Omega-3 or Omega-6 which is not correct. I found that http://nutritiondata.self.com had the USDA information on Olive Oil. I think that extra virgin olive oil is the same in it's nutritional values as plain olive oil.

9/21/2013 Update #2: I just added additional information from http://nutritiondata.self.com about the buckwheat and rye flour and according to that information the level of manganese is way too much. I'm not sure what to do now.

9/22/2013: With version 4 I added some real food to try and balance things out. The manganese amounts really concerned me and I think it was high enough to make me feel weird. I added ramen noodles, potato chips, and a carbo gain(maltodextrin) drink. Making this all work is pretty difficult. I can't wait until the official is ready for purchase.

9/26/2013: Version 5 is much improved. I came up with the idea of putting the contents of the TwinLab multivitamin into a two day supply of the dry mix and just break the Walgreen's multi into half and take that each day. This way I can have half the amount of both pills each day. This makes things balance out a lot better and much easier to deal with. The manganese was a big problem with TwinLab one. 250% of manganese. Not sure why they put so much manganese in that pill. But now it's not such a big problem. There is still a lot of sugar and maltodextrin. I got some psyllium husks powder today and it really helps reduce the impact of the sugar and keeps my blood sugar from spiking. So it really helps even things out. I even added extra since I have quite a bit of sugar. Also, this version has a good 3:1 omega 6 to omega 3 ratio. So that's a plus.

9/30/2013: I discovered that there is a thread here http://discourse.soylent.me/t/buckwheat-flour-nutrition-thoughts/4466/3 where the exact amounts of nutrients are listed for the type of buckwheat I'm using https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6yuO87BRHJNWGtwYzFPVTRsWWc/edit?usp=sharing. Some one emailed Bob's Red Mill and asked for a full listing. So now I've updated my entry for Buckwheat with these values. I was happy to see that there is actually a little less manganese in it that I though.

10/1/2013: Added information about the rye flour from here: http://docs.bobsredmill.com/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_details&gid=3981&Itemid=29 I also increased the flour and decreased the sugar and maltodextrin since I've read up on manganese and found that it's not a problem to have high levels of that from the buckwheat and rye. It's probably not even a problem if the values got even as high as 20mg. With the current version 5.2 it is about 10.9 mg - so, just under the 11 mg upper limit. At one point I thought I was getting sick from the manganese but looking back it was more likely allergy issues I was having. There has been something in the air lately that has been affecting me.

10/3/2013: With version 6 I've really reduced the sugar and maltodextrin. I think it might be making me tired during the day. Before soylent I really didn't have hardly any sugar. Also, I've exceeded the manganese UL by a little bit. Since the manganese is coming from a food source it is not a problem. I just made a four day batch. So far so good.

2/12/2014: Still going strong on this recipe. I get about 70% of all my meals using this. Going to attempt a low carb (not keto) recipe soon for an experiment.

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Day
52% Carb, 24% Protein, 24% Fat
% Daily Values*
Total Carbohydrate325g
Dietary Fiber 59g
Total Fat67g
Saturated Fat9g
Monounsaturated Fat35g
Polyunsaturated Fat10g
Omega-3 Fatty Acids3g
Omega-6 Fatty Acids9g
Vitamin A
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Vitamin K
Pantothenic Acid
* Percent Daily Values are based on "Copy of Rob's newest recommendation (adjusted for Jason)". You may use the Nutrient Calculator to personalise your own profile, then select it from the list on the Recipe Editor tab.
Nutrient Profile: Copy of Rob's newest recommendation (adjusted for Jason)Change

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