Doby Powder Version 1.2

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AmountIngredient£ / daySource
300gOrganic Fine Maize Flour£0.81Amazon
125gUltra Fine Scottish Oats£0.25Bulk Powders
20gMyProtein Vegan Blend Protein Powder£0.22MyProtein
30gBulk Powders Pure Whey Protein£0.32Bulk Powders
1pillBulk Powders Complete Multivitamin Complex£0.11Bulk Powders
1pillKirkland Signature Daily Multi Vitamins & Minerals Tablets£0.03Amazon
1pillCalcium + Vitamin D3 + Vitamin K1 Capsules£0.09Bulk Powders
3gCholine Bitartrate£0.11Bulk Powders
2pillPotassium Citrate Tablets£0.27Amazon
3gCornish Sea Salt£0.04Amazon
20gBiona Virgin Coconut Oil£0.37Amazon
20mlBiona Extra Virgin Olive Oil£0.23Amazon
10mlOmega Oil Blend£0.24Bulk Powders
4pillSuper Omega 3£0.48MyProtein
5gComplete Greens£0.24Bulk Powders
2pillComplete Probiotic£0.30Bulk Powders
5gComplete Fruits£0.32Bulk Powders
0gSevenhills Cocoa Powder£0.00Amazon
20gPsyllium Husk Powder£0.31Bulk Powders
1500mlTap Water£0.00
170gPure Whey Protein (VANILLA)£2.16Bulk Powders
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Total Daily Cost:
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Tools Nalgene Wide Mouth Everyday Tritan Bottle - Nice 1.5 Litre bottle, if using this will need to reduce the amount of water actually in the recipe as it wont all fit! Might be better off with 2 1 litre bottles + a 1.5 litre water bottle for just the water? My current estimate is that at least 2 litres of liquid will be produced given ~500g of powder and 1.5 litres of water, maybe even 2 1litre bottles wont be enough? 2 1.5 litre bottles? And another just for water? Different sizes available there.

Apex Kitchenware Porcelain Pestle and Mortar - Pestle and Mortar for crushing pills

Mixing Guide

  • I'm using a 6 litre tub from MyProtein to mix the dry powder (weighs 223g)
  • I'm currently mixing 4 days worth at a time
  • I start by adding the smaller ingredients and work my way to the larger, putting on the lid of the tub and mixing now and then to ensure the powder is distributed evenly
  • Note the weight total weight of the powder, and ensure it is divided up into correctly daily values
  • One day is approximately 690g, 3 portions/meals of 230g
  • At the beginning of each day, weigh out the powder into a blender and add the oil and water
  • Or, with a smaller blender (as I have been using), mix 1 portion (230g) with water (750ml)
  • Blend and pour into bottle(s) which can be refrigerated

First Impressions

  • The first 4-day batch of Doby Powder is now finished. Each day provides 3 Portions were spread so that some days I had only 1 and later 2 portions a day (to ease myself in)
  • I got used to the taste quickly, though there is a slight bitterness in the back of my throat after finishing a portion
  • I tried drinking in different ways; as 2 pints alongside other meals, downing the entire mixture in one go, or just drinking it slowly as if a meal
  • Probably the best way was to drink it slowly. I found that when hungry, I had to force myself to drink it instead of looking for something to eat instead. As soon as the mixture was finished I did not feel hungry any more
  • During those days where I had 2 portions of Doby Powder and only one meal, I did not feel any more hungry than usual and did not have a larger than usual portion of food for my one regular meal
  • I'll be continuing to drink Doby Powder for 2/3 meals a day and possibly 3 on a occasion

Version 1.2 Having drunk the equivalent of 4 days of Doby Powder, I'll be modifying the recipe slightly for the next 4 days

  • Permanently adding back in Vegan Blend and Unflavoured Whey in small quantities - their taste was not detectable
  • Adding complete probiotic and fruits
  • Slightly decreasing Husk Powder

Version 1.1 After reaching version 1.0, I ordered all the ingredients to make a few weeks of the Doby Powder (some of the ingredients like Kirkland Vitamins will last a very long time however!). The mix tasted foul and the texture wasn't great either - felt like the powder was sticking to the back of my throat. I tried adding a load of vanilla flavouring to the mix but even with almost 100ml of the stuff it barely affected the bad taste. In the end I decided to chuck the few days that I had mixed up and start again from scratch. So I tried adding each ingredient individually until I found the culprits. Turns out the MyProtein Unflavoured Vegan Blend Protein was doing the most damage to the flavour with a strong taste of pea and smell like rotten vegetables. The BulkPowders Unflavoured Whey Protein wasn't great either with a sort of sour milk taste to it, and the BulkPowders Complete Greens made the whole thing taste like herbs and was way too overpowering. I decided to completely substitute out both proteins for another powder I happened to have around; MyProtein Mocha Impact Whey Protein. This greatly improved the flavour and confirmed that all the other ingredients didn't have a huge affect on the end taste - I could even add a small amount of Complete Greens without affecting the flavour. I hadn't originally wanted to add flavoured protein due to any added sugar or sweeters, but it seems that is the only way.

So to sum up the changes for version 1.1:

  • reduced Complete Greens to just 5 grams a day
  • increased water to 2250ml a day
  • removed Pure Whey Protein
  • removed Vegan Blend Protein
  • temporarily added MyProtein Mocha Impact Whey Protein in a quantity that covers both the whey AND vegan blend

To do for version 1.2:

  • replace MyProtein Mocha Impact Whey Protein with Vanilla Pure Whey Protein (MyProtein or BulkPowders). Vanilla is a bit more of a neutral flavour unlike mocha which is quite sweet. Will order a small quantity to test first though
  • add back in vegan proteins (rice/hemp/pea) from some source and restore ratios with whey protein
  • so that the unflavoured whey and vegan blend arent wasted, add a little into each mix until i can use it up
  • consider adding back in complete probiotic and fruits

Original protein values 1.0: 100 g MyProtein Vegan Blend Protein Powder 110 g Bulk Powders Pure Whey Protein

Version 1.0

Complete version! All nutrient profile values hit.

Cutting Costs: Carb&Protein: 0.81+0.25+1.20+0.84= £3.10/day

Fats&Oils 0.37+0.23+0.24+0.58= £1.42/day

Vitamins 0.11+0.03+0.09+0.11+0.27+0.03= £0.64/day

Superfood 0.48+0.33+0.32+0.19= £1.32/day

To do: Add nootropics and superfoods! Sulbutiamine Piracetam Caffeine/taurine? Some other stimulants maybe

Version 0.4

Made a lot of changes to the vitamins - but ultimately it is balanced now!

Added Complete Greens, Fruits and Probiotic

Added Omega Blend. Was only able to find omega quantities for sunflower and flaxseed

Sulphur - apparently this appears already in acceptable quantities in oats, maize and protein powder after finding exact quantities in each

Added Potassium Citrate. It has a large amount of potassium per gram and the citrate part is harmless. Better quantities than chloride and gluconate

Added super omega 3 fish oil. 4 a day reaches RDI

Version 0.3

Added MyProtein Alpha Men vitamins, it has very large amounts of Niacin and no Iron or Magnesium

Added Bulk Powders Complete Multivitamin Complex. Makes up for where Alpha Men lacks

Added Choline Bitartrate. CDP Choline would be better eventually but it's expensive. No need to exceed RDA yet as my base value is already quite high.

Added Pure Whey Protein. This is a lower cost protein supplement compared with vegan blend, so substituting some in daily will reduce daily costs. Whey is still a very quality protein.

Added Kelp Tablets. This is to increase iodine intake.

Reduced cocoa and coconut oil.

Increased maize flour, but reduced oat flour.

Still lacking in some vitamins!

Version 0.2

Edited Maize Flour and Fine Oats to include correct vitamins and minerals

Added protein. I'd like a blend of proteins as the majority aren't complete. Vegan blend is expensive so will try to get the cost down somehow - happy for this to be the main expense though.

Added Coconut Oil. The high saturated fats is due to the coconut oil, which has an acceptable form of saturated fats.

Added Olive Oil. This and the coconut oil combined is giving a lot of Omega 6. Really don't want to exceed my RDA too much and am keen to keep the ratio with Omega 3 - should balance out with fish oil.

Added MyProtein Multi Vitamin Powder. Disappointed it doesnt include stuff like Vitamin D and K - might swap this out for another powder later.

Almost hit £5 a day already which would be £150 a month, will need to find a way to keep costs down, probably the protein powder used. Could potentially add in cheaper one (whey) to make up the daily bulk and reduce daily quantity of vegan blend.

Added 1500ml of water. Also need to drink 1500ml outside of the soylent.

Version 0.1

First version! Just adding a few core products to get started.

I'm not basing this directly on any other recipes, but I'll just grab a few ingredients from the most popular existing recipes, or those with superfoods and nootropics.

enter image description here

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Day
45% Carb, 29% Protein, 26% Fat
% Daily Values*
Total Carbohydrate323g
Dietary Fiber 53g
Total Fat84g
Saturated Fat33g
Monounsaturated Fat19g
Polyunsaturated Fat6g
Omega-3 Fatty Acids4g
Omega-6 Fatty Acids4g
Vitamin A
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Vitamin K
Pantothenic Acid
* Percent Daily Values are based on "LazyEat's UK and US Government Nutrition Based". You may use the Nutrient Calculator to personalise your own profile, then select it from the list on the Recipe Editor tab.
Nutrient Profile: LazyEat's UK and US Government Nutrition BasedChange

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