The Complete Foods Survey

The Soylent Survey is an attempt to better understand the habits and opinions of the Soylent community. You can take the survey and see the results on the next page, or view the results now.

Each month a snapshot of the results will be taken and made available on the results page so we can track how responses change over time.

So without further ado... here's the survey!

  1. When did you first hear about Soylent?
  2. How did you hear about Soylent
  3. Have you ordered 'official' Soylent?
  4. Have you made your own Soylent?
  5. How often do you intend on consuming Soylent?
  6. Why do you want to use Soylent?
    Weight management
    Help the environment
    Learn about nutrition
    Improve my health
    Experiment with nootropics
    Experiment with nutrient intake
  7. What's important to you about Soylent?
    Low cost
    Easy to prepare
    Ease of storage
    Tastes good
    Long expiry date
    Tailored to my specific needs
  8. Have you discussed Soylent with friends and family?
  9. What form of Soylent would you rather consume?
  10. How important to you is the cost of Soylent compared to 'normal' food?
  11. How would you describe your current diet?
  12. Which of the following statements do you think hold true about the future of Soylent?
    A 'big brand' produces their own version of Soylent
    Soylent vending machines in shopping malls
    Personal Soylent making machines will be available to buy
    Supermarkets will have a Soylent section
    Soylent will enter the 'main stream'
    Soylent will solve world hunger
    Soylent will fade into obscurity and be forgotten.
  13. Gender
  14. Age
  15. Country