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Allergies, bacteria, diseases and polluted air makes life difficult for many people. Especially those who live in big cities. You literally can’t take a breath of fresh air anywhere. You just sit there and breathe in and out, harming yourself. But what can you do? Well, there wasn’t a good enough way to avoid all that until now. That’s what OxyBreath Pro Mask says at least. This premium face mask promises to keep you safe and filter the air you’re breathing every day. It provides you with a way to keep you and your loved ones safe without spending a fortune. And times are getting tougher each day as you might have seen in the news. But is OxyBreath Pro Mask that good? We tested it for you and here’s what we think.

This is a mask that helps protect against illnesses that spread through the air. It also doubles up as an air pollution mask and serves 2 purposes in one tiny, powerful package. It is hugely popular among joggers and cyclists who do cardio-intensive workouts out in the open. The mask boasts of a comfortable fit that covers both the nose and mouth area snugly. It is also extremely lightweight. You can put it on and even forget you have anything.

The multiple carbon filters in this mask protect against bacteria, dust particles, allergens, and cold. These are all things that cannot be held back by a simple surgical mask. This mask also features advanced nanotechnology filters, which can reduce the risk of infection in case of an epidemic like Coronavirus.

How Does OxyBreath Pro Work?

This mask has been designed in a way that it will not let impure or contaminated air touch you. It has several components that work together to clean the air you are breathing in. Let’s see what these components are –

Three-layer Filters – The fabric has 3 different layers of filters built-in. The outermost layer is called the particulate filter, which filters out minute dust particles. The second layer is an activated carbon filter that purifies the air you inhale. The third layer is the reinforcement filter that combines and repeats the previous steps. The air that finally reaches your nose is pure as mountain air.

2.5PM Dust Filter – PM refers to particulate matter, which are microscopic pollutants that hang in the air and can cause blockages. 2.5 refers to the size of these particles. This mask is equipped with the best quality nanotechnology dust filter that will not allow PM to enter your body.

Built-in Valve – This mask has a built-in valve to the side that serves many purposes. First, it is essential for throwing out the carbon dioxide you breathe out. Second, it prevents dust and air pollution from entering your nose when you exhale. Third, the valve also lets moisture from your breath escape, so you do not feel stuffy when wearing the mask.

Pros of OxyBreath Pro

It is made of a light and breathable fabric that does not put weight on the face and doesn’t trap moisture. The ear ropes are stretchable and do not leave marks around the ear. It snugly covers the mouth and nose area, not allowing impure air to enter. The valve on the mask keeps moisture out. It has a three-layer activated carbon filter. It is washable and reusable, thus saving money. Besides delivering what it promises, the mask is also very stylish.

Cons of OxyBreath Pro

The product does not come in different sizes and might not be of use to little kids. There is a limit to how many times the mask can be reused.

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