🐢 SLO-CARBÜBERPLETE ⾖: Péng’s Healthy, Fortified, Superfood, Wholefood, Slow-Carb Meal Drink (flavour master) Gluten Free

Last updated September 2, 2017 Copy
AmountVolumeIngredient£ / daySource
0g————— C A L O R I E S —————£0.00
920gCannellini beans£2.60Tesco
0g------ L I Q U I D S ------£0.00
12gMUFAs | Olive oil£0.08Tesco (organic)
9gsaturates | Coconut oil£0.11Amazon (Blueherb)
23.2gsaturates | Goat's butter (1.5g salt/100g)£0.18Tesco (St Helen's Farm)
8mlω-6 | Safflower Oil, organic, unrefined, cold-pressed (!! ω-6 value not yet to find out !!)£0.05Amazon (Clearspring)
0mlFlaxseed Oil (omega-6 guesstimated)£0.00Amazon (Crudigno)
3800g2.4cupsWater, distilled£0.00distil at home
0g------ P O W D E R I N G R E D I E N T S ------£0.00
20gHemp protein£0.25eBay (pawekotu)
41g¾scoopBCAAs, arg'ine, lysine, ph'ine, protein | Pea Protein Isolate£0.00
41gc'ine, meth'ine, protein | Brown rice protein£0.46eBay (MyProtein®)
0gSeaweed, spirulina, dried (!! update values !!)£0.00
7gSpinach£0.10Amazon (JustIngredients)
3g🌱🍃 🐚 | Broccoli Powder£0.10Amazon (Greens Organic)
6g🌱 🍖 ⛄️ 🍠 | Coconut Flour [fibre]£0.02Amazon
2.2g🌱🍃 🐚🍋? | Maca, white, gelatinised [hypothalamus, hormone adaptogen]£0.05eBay (Pink Sun)
17g🌱 🌰 | Almonds (activated, fine-milled) [MUFAs, S]£0.16Amazon (Real Food Source)
8gSesame seed£0.05Amazon
0gSe, omega-3, fibre, protein | Chia seeds, milled£0.00Amazon (Sevenhills Foods)
40g8tbspLúcuma£0.72eBay (RealFoodSource.com)
9.6g4tspMesquite, raw, powder£0.27Amazon (The Raw Food World)
0.67gStevia leaf powder£0.02eBay (finesseorganic)
2.4gNettle powder (!! constituents need updating !!)£0.03Amazon (JustIngredients)
1.4g1tspTurmeric, ground£0.02Amazon (Hatton Hill Organic)
0.4g¼tspBlack pepper {decide on Ayurvedic turmeric complement}£0.00
5gAmla berry£0.15Amazon (Sevenhills Wholefoods)
5gBarley Grass Juice Powder£0.17Amazon (Aluna Gena)
4.5g👆 | Guar gum [fibre]£0.09Amazon (SPECIAL INGREDIENTS)
0gtexture | Xanthan Gum£0.00eBay (intralabs)
3gSunflower Lecithin (emulsifier) {currently on 1% of liquid weight}£0.04eBay
2.51gHimalayan Pink Salt£0.03Amazon
0gCeltic Sea Salt£0.00Amazon (Le Paludier)
6.62gPotassium Citrate£0.31eBay
0.34gMagnesium Citrate£0.02Amazon
0gCalcium Phosphate£0.00Freeda (also on Amazon)
0.143pillMolybdenum, chelated£0.01Amazon (Swanson)
5.5gMSM (!! input values from packet !!)£0.18Amazon (Natures Root)
0.5gCOMPLETE MULTIVITAMIN COMPLEX™ (contains no Vit-K2)£0.05Amazon
0gPure Vitamin B3£0.00Amazon
0gVitamin B5 (pure)£0.00Amazon
0gVitamin C powder£0.00FIND A SOURCE W/ THE FLAVINOIDS
0.95gCholine bitartrate£0.04Amazon
0g------ P I L L S T A K E N S E P A R A T E L Y ------£0.00
0.429pillBoots Vision Aid£0.00
0.143pillCr picolinate£0.01Holland & Barrett
1pillCu bisglycinate tablets {anti-synergy w/ Zn(disputed), Fe, Vit-C}£0.02eBay (Phoenix Nutrition)
0.3pillPotassium Iodide (Supplement Tablets for Pregnancy Health) {1/day at mealtime}£0.00Amazon (Oxford Vitality)
1pill🐄 🐟 ⛄️ | Krill Oil 500mg [astaxanthin?, gelatin]£0.12Amazon (Purely Health Direct Ltd.)
1pillSuper K w/ Advanced K2 Complex softgels {1 daily w/ food}£0.14Amazon (Life Extension)
1pillVitamin D-3 drops (by Nature's Answer)£0.03Amazon
0.2pill1capsuleFolinic acid, MegaFolinic£0.01Amazon (Source Naturals)
1pillOptiZinc£0.06Amazon (Bulk Powders)
0g------ F L A V O U R S & N O O T R O P I C S ------£0.00
0mlAlmond milk (Almond Breeze)£0.00Tesco (Blue Diamond)
0mlCoconut milk (drink) [Grape Juice Concentrate, D2, B12]£0.00Tesco (Koko)
0gCacao, raw (!! adjust values from packet !!)£0.00Amazon (PINK SUN Ltd)
0g🌱 👅 🌈 🐚 | Coffee, instant, decaf£0.00Amazon (Clipper)
0gAshwaganda powder {chocolate flavours} (!! start dose on 1/8 tsp, then work up !!)£0.00Amazon (Buy Whole Foods Online Ltd.)
0gशिलाजतु (Shilajit) £0.00eBay (mauk189)
0g4tspMucuna {adjust daily serving weight to greater of tsp or g values}£0.00eBay (kitchins)
0gCacao butter£0.00Amazon (Sevenhills Wholefoods)
0gMatcha powder£0.00Amazon
0gSea Buckthorn£0.00eBay
0gCardamom, ground£0.00
0gRose water£0.00
0gMint leaves, frozen£0.00Tesco
0gBeetroot powder (!! input values !!)£0.00eBay
0gCarrot, dehydrated, powder£0.00
0gAvocado, frozen halves£0.00Tesco
0gMoringa leaf powder£0.00Amazon
0gB-vit's, protein | Nutritional yeast£0.00
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How to use this recipe

If you have a blender, use the default recipe, from which the bulk of the calories come from beans. If you need to prepare it on the go in a protein-shaker bottle, you can use powdered porridge oats instead, which, whilst they don't strictly adhere to the slow-carb diet, are a reasonably good choice for carb-based energy.

Change Log

29 Jul 2017 Reduced guar gum by 25% to 4.5g/day due to thickness contributed by the cannelini beans.

28 Jul 2017 Removed ground flaxseeds after learning that the high lignan content in the seeds may reduce testosterone or free-testosterone.

11 Apr 2017 Added in Tesco Organic Rolled Oats as a slow-carb(-ish) way of getting calories from carbohydrates. Switched oils for extra ground seeds for ωs. Increased stevia leaf powder from 0.67g –> 1g (because couldn't taste it before). Increased stevia leaf powder from 1 –> 1.5g (because still couldn't taste it). Increased guar & xanthan gums from 1 –> 2 to increase smoothness ('cause smoothness makes them great).

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Day
37% Carb, 28% Protein, 35% Fat
% Daily Values*
Total Carbohydrate190g
Dietary Fiber 90g
Total Fat78g
Saturated Fat29g
Monounsaturated Fat25g
Polyunsaturated Fat23g
Omega-3 Fatty Acids5g
Omega-6 Fatty Acids17g
* Percent Daily Values are based on "🐢 Péng's slo-carb, maintenance profile ⇔". You may use the Nutrient Calculator to personalise your own profile, then select it from the list on the Recipe Editor tab.
Nutrient Profile: 🐢 Péng's slo-carb, maintenance profile ⇔Change

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