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Whether you call them cell phones, smart phones or mobile devices, it seems like everyone has one. According to the wireless telecommunications industry, the U.S. now has an estimated 300 million mobile subscribers, compared to 110 million subscribers a decade ago. The increase in cell phone use has generated concern about possible health risks related to radio frequency electromagnetic fields from this technology, and a market for shields as possible protection against the radio waves the phones emit. While health studies about any relationship between the emissions from cell phones and health problems are ongoing, recent reports stated that no doubt convince that there’s an ongoing trend of using radiation shields .

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The RadiationStopper Pro is an energized chip for smart devices that utilizes Bio-Armor Technology to be used on all cell phones, smart pads, laptops, computers, microwaves, wifi boxes, Televisions and all devices that emit EMF’S (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) Radiation.

Why Use RadiationStopper Pro

If you’re looking for ways to limit your exposure to the electromagnetic emissions from your cell phone, you can use one the chips designed to shield radiations. RadiationStopper Pro is one the best – selling radiation stopper device worldwide.

RadiationStopper Pro is an award-winning unique product that safeguards you and your loved ones from the ill effects of electromagnetic radiation from various mobiles, WiFi-enabled gadgets & IoT devices without compromising on the signal strength or connectivity. Place RadiationStopper Pro at your home or workstation. Recharge it in sunlight for 15 minutes once a week.

What are the Dangers of Radiation?

There are many risks with harmful radiation of mobile and other electronic devices, with level of exposure differing for each devices. Radiation exposure can cause a number of health concerns, most specifically damage to cell tissue, including cancer.

How Does RadiationStopper Pro Works

According to the first law of thermodynamics, energy doesn’t appear out of nowhere or vanish into nothing – rather it transforms from one state into another. This fundamental physical reality is the conceptual basis for the operation of the Aires microprocessor and the Aires Device systems built on it.

A random change in the properties of these superpositions causes a correction to the structural parameters of the living matter it originally generated. In turn, a living being is an open physical system that continuously exchanges energy and matter with its surroundings.

From this point of view, the effect on the molecular structure of a life form through its own electromagnetic superposition is most actively caused by external electromagnetic radiation, which either stabilizes it, such as part of the universal medium (the proper geophysical background), or, on the contrary, destabilizes (man-made radiation) it, such as a stimulus with no genetic foundation. As a result, man-made electromagnetic radiation does not adapt itself to a living body, becoming the cause of internal structural conflicts and system defects.

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