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AmountIngredient£ / daySource
100gProtein - Pure Whey£0.94Bulk P
6gProtein - Spirulina Powder taken separately£0.14My Protein
65gCarbohydrates - Oats£0.13Bulk P
68gCarbohydrates - Maltodextrin£0.17Bulk P
30gCarbohydrates - Instant Corn masa£0.17Amazon
40gFiber - Psyllium Husk Powder£0.41Amazon S
1.2gCholine - (Choline Bitartrate)£0.05My Protein
14gSalt - Potassium - (Potassium Gluconate)£0.42Amazon
3gSalt - Lo Salt£0.00Asda
2.8gSalt - Table Salt£0.00Asda
5mlFat - MegaOmega Oil£0.15MyProtein
25mlFat - Coconut Oil £0.42Amazon(S)
10mlFat - Olive Oil£0.03Asda
10mlFat - Rapeseed Oil£0.07Asda
2pillVitamins - Calcium + V D3 + VK1 Capsules£0.15Bulk P
1pillVitamins - Multi Vitamins & Minerals Tablets£0.03Amazon
20gXylitol Natural Sweetener (Birch Extract)£0.18Amazon S
7mlVanilla Extract Actual£0.10Homemade
0gCarbohydrates Rice Flour£0.00Amazon
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Total Daily Cost:
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UL - Tolerable Upper Intake Level loael - The lowest-observed-adverse-effect level noael - no observed adverse effect level DRI - Dietary Reference Intake

Notes are for me, so excuse the rambling.

Weigh Notes

  • Choline Bitartrate 1 x level MP Plastic Scoop (mini) weighs 0.4g
  • Spirulina Powder 1 x level MP Plastic Scoop (small) weighs 3g
  • Not important when I start doing weeks batches.
  • V9 This one is real nice, best blended and drunk right away, if left add a bit more water. Salt/potassium/chloride/sodium etc are all linked and difficult to change (you can make 30p a day cheaper and up the intake of sodium to a better amount than 1.5g, (3-6g would be better) but taste suffers) So at present I will stick with these amounts until I source different ingredients.

Having issues trying to use more salt, and keeping potassium and chloride levels, Strictly on a taste base 4grams of "salt", is about right, and I have some Potassium Gluconate that needs using up so I may have to split off my ideal recipe with frugal one I'm using now... (actual 3-6grams of sodium is what I should be thinking about, but probably stay with 2 for now...)

Edit, just changed the amount of Maltodextrin, as too many calories for me, adjust as needed, around 1500 seems ideal for fullness and slow weight loss.

  • V8 OK Way too salty to drink, but latest studies on sodium suggest the amounts I'm using. so seems best to take some salt outside of the "drink" ie in a bulletproof coffee in the Am (could use some fat up there if needed too) Changing the salts has removed the need for extra "Potassium Gluconate" This version is very good texture and consistency wise and has a nice bland flavour, still working on sweetness and vanilla

  • V7 Changed the sodium levels, taking spirulina separately in water. Added some rapeseed oil, may try flax Changed a lot of the amounts and shifted around the macros, to make it a few pence cheaper, May have half of the fat in a bulletproof coffee in the morning... Slightly worried about the high Iron content, but it's not dangerous unless your genetically predispositioned to have increased uptake, and it's not all bio available for uptake. diysoylent's affiliate links they put in, are messing up the url so that it goes nowhere, so normal links below

  • V6 Added back in maltodextrin, as too many oats, thickens up the mix way too much, esp over time. Moved back to higher cal overall. Bought capsules 000 for the Spirulina, and choline to improve the flavour. Trying this today - 07/11/14

  • V5.0: 50% nicer taste (for me anyway) Removed rice protein, maltodextrin, corn masa, and most of the olive oil. Increased the oats, coconut oil, and added some sucralose I had, (will update that to a proper sweetener when I sorce one.) Spirulina is just there so I can use it up, makes it green, can be removed with no problems.

  • V4.2 Trying this today 25/10, will make up 1 days worth, and see. Going to go down to 1400Cal, and have to reduce thickener.

  • V3 Way too much Spirulina, now reduced by 50%, want to keep it in, but may take separately.

  • V2 Not sure on what % I want for Macros, FAT/Carbs/Protein, but less carbs is always good for weightloss, too much fat will affect texture a lot. Need to finesse it a bit.

This is still a work in progress - although at present its fine to use, but I change it almost on a daily basis to suit what I need/want with a eye on latest studies and cost as well as taste and availability. If you want to ask me anything, do so, but don't be a dick.

If anyone from UK, wants to "swap" a days worth, let me know & show me your recipe, always keen to try new things. Tried

  • Official Soylent
  • Joylent

Depending on weight loss over the next few months, I'll adjust these macros.

Personal notes Dropped 4 kilo in 2 weeks, No headaches at all limited gerd Buzzing all the time very restful sleep noxious farts no longer, or I'm used to it. Seem to be more active and mentally clearer.


  • Honey is too expensive to fully cover the above, so looking at Xylitol,
    OR Erythritol remove the sugar and use this. (in future possibility of growing sugar beet or stevia leaf and using that.)


  • Vanilla see below, will use for now as and when needed @ £15.87 for a full litre it won't affect the price significantly to merit adding to ingredient list just yet....
  • Chocolate, will try some caco on a small mix and see how much is needed to change flavour.

Vanilla Essence: (Actual)

  • 1ltr of Vodka £10.47
  • 50 Vanilla pods, (ebay) £5.40 Split, scrape, and put everything in bottle. Mature for 3months with shaking when remembered. Decant your awesomeness, and top up with fresh Vodka as needed.


  • Salts - need the exact info for the two salts, if they have any other micronutrients..
  • Why does Multivit have so much Pantothenic Acid?
  • Magnesium - is a little low on my "nutrient list", may increase (more oats) but not sure yet.
  • Storage, 1 days worth (shaker*three) seems to fit ideally in 1 small springclip jars, £1each, Best if spring removed and lid upside down with seal placed in lid groove. Storage for 5kilo amounts need to be sourced - plastic buckets seem a good idea
  • Add other weird and interesting foods I found.
  • Reduce Cost
  • Special Meal once a month for sake of sanity and to look forward to see Gnote images
  • Try pea protein or some other just to see
  • Include some Probiotics (gut flora health)
    1. Yoghurt - DIY from live cultures
    2. Kombutcha
    3. Kvass
  • Split into a savoury and sweet version?

Savoury Cyberboost (half a days worth)

  • Garlic
  • Fenugreek
  • Turmeric
  • Dill
  • Fennel
  • Basil
  • MSG?
  • All the salt, no sweetener
  • Grow herbs in garden

Sweet Cyberboost, as now. (half a days worth)

  • None of the salt
  • Sugar or sweetener
  • Vanilla or chocolate, or fruit blended....(what can I grow?)


  • Coconut Oil Cold Pressed, Virgin, Well thought of, and possibly other benefits
  • Olive Oil - Supermarket finishing off what I had left over from muggle food - will replace with a better researched make later
  • MegaOmega, for the Omega's
  • Rapeseed Oil - just trying it, may switch to flax seed oil

Melting coconut oil, mixing it with other two, and after a blend, it was still mixed in after 8hours in fridge, so no worries about coconut solidifying, so a full days can be made at once. (I use 3 containers for that and drink as needed.)


  • Oats - Check micro's only fat fibre protein is confirmed - too much thickens after time and too much potassium

  • Maltodextrin - Carb filler no reason except to increase cal/carbs

  • Corn Masa - too gritty so can only use a little.

Protein :

  • Whey Powder, Has a lot of nutrients, there are so many makes that I just picked a random one for now. may afford isolate later...

  • Spirulina Powder, Interesting, but expensive, will see how this pans out. (don't start off with 20g like I did, its an acquired taste.... lol, and very green) Only use if you like it or its many benefits (now takeing 5grams daily in water instead)

  • Rice Powder, Deleted due to horrible taste

Fibre: Historically 100g per day was not excessive, due to our ancestral diet, so may need to increase fibre more than I have. Will check stools and see, unless you want to check them?

40g seem ideal

Taste - Texture - Other:

  • Vanilla, for taste, I like it.
  • Raw Honey, its Antibacterial and a Demulcent.
  • Xanthan gum removed, not needed and its cauliflower mold in reality

Recipe Notes:

  • My preference is for multi ingredients, despite the higher initial cost and the longer prep time. Sever different sources leaves a lot of resilience in the recipe not only from a cost/resource standpoint but also from a safety (food scare contamination, overdose) and Nutrient (different product variety ) aspect

  • Need to change the Nutrients list to include info gained from different countries, take the best from several and research why the values are different, then use logical reasoning to determine which one is best suited. See Sweden and other Nordic Countries.

  • Be aware that some nutrient lists or recommended RDA would have political and/or monetary roots. Look up the latest average life expectancy per populace and take there diet's into consideration.

  • These are the things I took note of while making my own Nutrient list for this recipe - anything over would be due to specific personal requirements or because of the absorption rates of different chemicals in concert with each other. Or because that's just more convenient due to price, but would not go over any hard limits that I found.

  • This is only a limited list of nutrients, there are thousands of them, and a lot of the foods here depend on several different sites for their complete listings of nutritional data as its' not listed on the packets or available from the manufactures of the products, so don't worry too much about the numbers being exact, take it with a pinch of salt, that's 0.485IU of sodium.... =p

Due to the society we have built ourselves everyone has a vested interest in increasing their wealth, so opinions, research funding, even political leanings of the university that did the study you're reading that was lobbied by a food industry giant, are suspect and full of contradicting information.

And even when you find something that the majority of the respected scientists agree on, this truth, is only temporal. Just time based and in a few months or years it will be found in error and even dangerous.

So... well there is no truth, only opinion, which is one of the reasons for the diversity in this recipe, you can only trust the results of experimentation you do yourself, so I guess your the study group and the scientist, but at least your goals are honest, good health.

Kind Regards Transmitthis

General FAT research Notes

Omega 3

  • alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)
  • eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)
  • docosahexaenoic acid DHA

Omega 6

  • linolenic acid (LA)
  • gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)
  • dihomogamma linolenic acid (DLA)
  • arachidonic acid (AA)

Omega 9

  • oleic acid (OA)

Ratio of Omega 3 : Omega 6, should it be changed to better reflect popular opinion that Omega 6 is inflammatory and also takes away from the body's processing of Omega 3

"Plant-based omega-3 oils are not acceptable substitutes for EPA & DHA in seafood.
Less than 0.5% of the omega-3 oils in those supplements will be converted into EPA & DHA."

Fish Oil Extensively processed from waste fish (heads and scrap even non-fish sealife) High possibility of rancidity in the oil, esp in capsules where it is masked.

Polyunsaturated fat is highly susceptible to oxidative damage

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Day
41% Carb, 23% Protein, 36% Fat
% Daily Values*
Total Carbohydrate161g
Dietary Fiber 40g
Total Fat63g
Saturated Fat30g
Monounsaturated Fat17g
Polyunsaturated Fat7g
Omega-3 Fatty Acids3g
Omega-6 Fatty Acids4g
Vitamin A
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Vitamin K
Pantothenic Acid
* Percent Daily Values are based on "Cyberboost ProEnergy". You may use the Nutrient Calculator to personalise your own profile, then select it from the list on the Recipe Editor tab.
Nutrient Profile: Cyberboost ProEnergyChange

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