Why DIY Complete Foods?

People are interested in complete foods because they wish to eat healthier; they wish to eat more cheaply, and they wish to spend less time preparing food. Complete foods aren't the cheapest way to eat; they probably aren't the healthiest, and they probably aren't the most convenient. But they balance these three in a way that is probably seen in no other food or combination of foods. Eating a diet as healthy as complete foods, using ordinary foods, would require a lot of research to create balanced meals, and time spent preparing those meals. Eating a diet as cheap as complete foods would probably require eating a homogeneous diet which lacked much of the nutritional value of complete foods. And foods as convenient -- e.g. McDonald's -- tend to be unhealthy.

Why be interested specifically in DIY complete foods? What does it offer over ready made complete foods?

  • Maybe they are allergic to an ingredient in ready made complete foods.
  • Maybe they are an athlete and have special nutritional needs.
  • Maybe they are on a special diet (ketogenic, CRON, etc.) and have special nutritional needs.
  • Maybe they have a medical condition and have special nutritional needs.
  • Maybe, for purely culinary reasons, they want their complete foods made in a different way.
  • Maybe they want their complete foods made more cheaply than ready made companies can offer.

No matter how many options the market offer in the future, there will still be some special interest they cannot cater to.

Finally, one might want to make DIY complete foods purely for the hobbyist's pleasure it provides.

In short, I expect there will be interest in DIY complete foods for as long as there is interest in complete foods.