Flavoring Complete Foods

Once you have your basic complete food recipe, why not add some flavor? Many of these are from The “Flavoring” thread


1 Soylent scoop of frozen raspberries
1 tsp McCormick raspberry extract
1000? kcal Soylent

Strawberry Banana
2 Soylent scoops of frozen strawberry banana mix
2 tsp McCormick strawberry extract
1/2 tsp McCormick banana extract
1000? kcal Soylent

7-10 frozen strawberries
2 tsp McCormick strawberry extract
1000? kcal Soylent


cocoa powder and cinnamon

Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa Powder


Coconut water. I use about 75% tap water and 25% coconut when mixing my soylent and the whole thing has a really clean feel to it. The coconut also helps bring out the vanilla so that you can taste one table spoon in a two liter container.

Brew 3 cups of coffee and use it instead of water. Wait for the coffee to cool before putting it into the pitcher.

Welch's Orange/Pineapple/Apple juice (all 3 in 1 bottle)



flavored syrup things that usually goes in coffee.

They make flavor concentrates that were originally intended for beverages, but have been adopted by the electronic cigarette community I put butterscotch in my batch for today that's delicious. Mine are LorAnn rather than Flavor Apprentice for price reasons. Tell me how Flavor Apprentice works out for you.

Bakto Flavors http://www.amazon.com/Bakto-Flavors-Natural-Collection-Fruit/dp/B004ZMWDPO/ref=sr_1_1?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1402085376&sr=1-1&keywords=flavor+extracts

Pina Colada Soylent 1 packet of the flavoring Margaritaville Single serve packet. Dissolve in 1-2 oz water in 16.9-20oz bottle, shake well. Pour prepared Soylent, filling to top of bottle, mix well. WARNING: Flavor packet will NOT mix with prepared Soylent. WARNING #2: This is amazing!


Banana 1/3 to 1 full Banana
1000 kcal Soylent
Source: Manual

whole banana, 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, and one packet of Stevia

whole banana for a daily portion, 200ml of almond milk, and stevia. The banana does wonders, but there was still a bit of a bitter aftertaste that made it feel like I was drinking liquified hay. That was when I was using vanilla almond milk. Since switched to chocolate almond milk. Viola! This stuff is damn good now. I actually look forward to drinking it.



Peter Pan 2 tablespoons in about 22 ounces Soylent. It does add extra calories and fat but the flavor is incredible.

liquid smoke to get a hint of BBQ flavor. You have to start with a small amount as it can be very overwhelming quickly. I think I used 1 teaspoon


1 tsp McCormick hazelnut extract
(This stuff is strong, so don't add more than 1 tsp. It is very tasty)
1000? kcal Soylent

1/2 tsp McCormick almond extract
(This stuff is even stronger and also very tasty)
1000? kcal Soylent

Powered Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

raw nuts



Untested Ideas

Mint oil pretty strong and pairs nicely with mild vanilla.

Savory recipes for savory oatmeal

General Notes

For powdered additions, try making a slurry out of it with the water first. If you're going to mix 2 liters of water into your Soylent powder, put half of the water and the flavor powder into the blender and mix it up good first, then add the remaining water and soylent.

Salt Can be used to bring out the flavors of other additives. Sometimes a little salt will allow the use of far less other flavoring. Or even be necessary to bring out any flavor.
1 teaspoon (way too much)
500 cal Soylent

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