Fat Guy in his 30s Profile: 40C/20P/40F Private

by joeLast updated May 10, 2014
Macro NutrientsAmountMax
Calories (kcal)20502150
Carbohydrates (g)200215
Protein (g)100105
Total Fat (g)93100
Saturated Fat (g)0
Monounsaturated Fat (g)0
Polyunsaturated Fat (g)020
Omega-3 Fatty Acids (g)1.68.5
Omega-6 Fatty Acids (g)3.717
Total Fiber (g)29.445
Soluble Fiber (g)528
Insoluble Fiber (g)2028
Cholesterol (mg)0150

Nutrient amounts reviewed by:

  • joe
Vitamin A (IU)300010000
Vitamin B6 (mg)285
Vitamin B12 (ug)5
Vitamin C (mg)902000
Vitamin D (IU)10004000
Vitamin E (IU)301000
Vitamin K (ug)120
Thiamin (mg)260
Riboflavin (mg)1.6
Niacin (mg)2051
Folate (ug)4001000
Pantothenic Acid (mg)10100
Biotin (ug)30
Choline (mg)5503500
Calcium (g)12.5
Chloride (g)2.33.6
Chromium (ug)35200
Copper (mg)18
Iodine (ug)1501100
Iron (mg)1640
Magnesium (mg)420770
Manganese (mg)2.311
Molybdenum (ug)452000
Phosphorus (g)0.74
Potassium (g)3.57
Selenium (ug)55350
Sodium (g)1.52.3
Sulfur (g)1.48
Zinc (mg)1540
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Jan 10, 2014 40/20/40 carb/protein/fat ratio to encourage fat loss with limited exercise.

This profile was tweaked to achieve a ~40c/20p/40f macro mix, based on the calculations I've done for my personal metrics. If you're a sedentary male in your 30s around 6' and 250lbs, then this might be good for you as well. But hey, I'm not even sure it's good for me yet, so no promises!

Using DRIs from the US Gov for men aged 31-50 with some minor adjustments.