Soy protein isolate

(Based on an 100g serving)
Calories340 kcal
Carbohydrates9.5 g
Protein82 g
Total Fat4.9 g
Calcium0.1779 g
Copper1.4286 mg
Iron14.6 mg
Magnesium38.9 mg
Phosphorus0.775 g
Potassium1.6 g
Sodium1.1 g
Folate176.1 ug

Nutrient contents reviewed by:

  • nwthomas
RetailerContainer SizeCost
True Nutrition7257g$122
True Nutrition7257g$84.82
Puritan's Pride2720g$35.19
Bulk Powders500g$6.99

Protein powders vary substantially in their nutrition facts. The nutrition facts given here were provided by the USDA. Check your source's nutrition facts to see where it differs from these figures.