DEVA Vegan Multivitamin (and mineral supplement with greens)

(Based on an 1pill serving)
Calcium0.1 g
Chromium120 ug
Copper0.2 mg
Iodine150 ug
Iron18 mg
Magnesium40 mg
Manganese2 mg
Molybdenum75 ug
Selenium70 ug
Zinc11 mg
Vitamin A5000 IU
Vitamin B612.5 mg
Vitamin B12100 ug
Vitamin C150 mg
Vitamin D400 IU
Vitamin E50 IU
Thiamin12.5 mg
Riboflavin12.5 mg
Niacin50 mg
Folate400 ug
Pantothenic Acid25 mg
Biotin75 ug
Choline15 mg

Nutrient contents reviewed by:

  • nwthomas
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Made for vegans (with all vegan sourced ingredients) and large ratio of B vitamins, especially B12. Covers everything else more than adequately besides copper, iodine, calcium, and biotin. No data on phosphorous, chloride, sulfur, vitamin K or potassium.

Free of GMOs, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, dairy, egg, sugar, preservatives, dyes, sodium, animal products or derivatives. Potent - Suggest using some fraction of one tablet as powder for better cost effectiveness or ordering in some bulk form from DEVA Nutrition LLC.. Fairly high zinc so it's suitable as a semi-men's vitamin.