What is Soylent?
Soylent is a food substitute aiming to provide 100% of the recommended amounts of each of the vitamins, minerals and macronutrients the body needs to function.
What's in Soylent?
A typical Soylent recipe will contain a multi-vitamin, carbohydrate (eg Flour, Maltodextrin), protein (Whey), fat (Olive Oil), plus various other additives, usually in powder or tablet form. You can find the latest recipe for the 'official' Soylent on the Soylent Blog, or if you'd rather make your own, this site contains dozens of different recipes to choose from.
Why would anyone want to drink Soylent?

If you consume a balanced diet and receive 100% of each of the nutrients your body needs on a daily basis, you probably wouldn't need or want to drink Soylent. But if you want to maintain precise control of your dietary intake, Soylent is a great way to do it.

Soylent has been reported by many, including Rob Rhinehart (the inventor), to have substantial health benefits. However, these benefits are only likely to be found for those currently on a 'bad' diet.

By eating Soylent all the time, wouldn't I miss out on all the fun food can provide?
Soylent is more of a healthy, convenient and cheap option available as a default when you don't have the time, inclination or money to cook or eat at a restaurant. It can be consumed for every meal, 90% of meals, once a day, or whatever you decide.
Should I make my own Soylent?
The main benefit of making your own Soylent is control: you choose exactly what goes in it. Don't like the taste? Add some flavor. Want to lose weight? Reduce the fat content. Have a special dietary requirement? Change the ingredients to accomodate. This level of customization isn't possible with 'official' Soylent, at least initially.
How do I get started?
To make your own Soylent, you'll first need to work out your daily requirements. Then you'll need to pick a recipe you like the look of, and alter the quantities of ingredients to fit your needs. Finally, you'll need to purchase all the ingredients, some (accurate) scales, measuring cups and ideally a blender.
How do I know what my daily requirements are?
A Google search for 'dietary reference intake calculator' will result in many online tools to tell you how many nutrients you need. Or, you can use the Nutrient Profile Calculator here on the Make Soylent website.
Which recipe should I try?
Have a look at the recipe list and find a recipe you like the look of. Still not sure? Try the Hacker School recipe, Human Enhancement Serum, or the Almond Flour + Oats recipe.
How are the star ratings calculated?
Star ratings are based on peer and moderator review:
  • Start with 1 star.
  • +1 star for at least 1 user reviewing the nutrients.
  • +1 star for 5 or more users reviewing.
  • +1 star for at least one moderator reviewing.
  • +1 star for at least 3 moderators reviewing.
  • Maximum of 5 stars for an ingredient.
  • An ingredient can also have -1 if a user marks it as 'bad'
How is the completion % on the recipes list calculated?
It's the % of nutrients in the recipe that are at 90% or more of their target.